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Featured Artist – Tess Hunt

I’m a California girl, born in Palo Alto and have spent my life in several locales but most of my professional life in Northern and Southern California. After completing modeling school I spent more than a decade both in front of and behind the camera internationally, working with some of the most notable photographers in their respective fields.

Modeling has an expiration date and I chose photography as my career. While many careers were upended by the introduction of the camera-smartphone I chose to continue my career with the following understanding. “Smartphones can record excellent events and the only way to add value in a constricting business was to focus on my creativity.”

Featured Artist – LuAnn Roberto

LuAnn Roberto is foremost and always an artist. With her refined sense of design, a deep appreciation for the accidents of creativity and experimentation, and a generous sense of humor, she creates wall art, patterns, and prints for any application.

“My medium is both contemporary graphic design and old-school mono-printing,” LuAnn says. “Whereas my professional designs have to be really tight and controlled, with monoprinting, you have no idea what’s going to happen on the press. Whatever you paint will be backward and get smashed when it rolls through the press. This has enhanced my daily design work and made me an advocate for trying the unexpected.”

Monoprinting is a combination of painting and printmaking techniques that gives the artist freedom to work with a wide selection of materials such as inks, pencils, crayons, and pastels, and to choose from a variety of methods to transfer images. To create a monotype the artist paints or rolls ink onto a blank plate. The image is created by manipulating ink with various tools (brushes, rags, stencils,etc.) Ink can be layered, color over color, and printed on the same paper in successive passes through the press. Because there are no permanent marks on the plate, it is not possible to create exact multiples of the image, each monoprint is different and unique and the artist may use one or more techniques to achieve the image that he or she wants to create.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, LuAnn won her first art contest at age 11. She had several artistic influencers in her life who encouraged her to be an artist, a designer and an entrepreneur. She excelled as an artist thru high school, showing leadership in creative thought and then attended Central Academy of Commercial Art, a private 2-year college, focusing on advertising and graphic design. LuAnn began successfully working in various studios and ad agencies. In 1984, she moved to California where opportunities to work in entertainment, as well as corporate and packaging, were abounding.

She holds the Women’s Business Enterprise Certification (WBEC), is a founder and exhibitor with Studio 1613, and was named “Woman of the Year” by the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Committee for her contributions to community vitality. LuAnn also serves on the committee of POP-UP Gallery, seeking to install artwork in underutilized commercial spaces.

More Featured Artist To Come…

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